Are you a Seller?

Are you ready to Sell?

I am committed to supporting your real estate needs through every step of the process.

I am a Great Listing Agent because I get properties sold and have the marketing skills necessary to deliver you an offer and the negotiating skills required to obtain the highest and most fair price possible for your home.

 sell.jpg Deciding To Sell 

I’m not doing my sellers a service by misleading them or letting them proceed without a thorough, honest and objective evaluation of their property prior to pricing and going to market. I will share with you my professional opinion, but also ideas and strategies to improve your properties salability in the current market environment.


realtor.jpg Selecting The Right Listing Agent And Determining Price

Did you know the skill set of a Realtor who works with Sellers is completely different than the skill set of a realtor who works primarily with Buyers? Do you want to simply list your home for sale and accrue wasted days on market…or truly list your home to sell?

Properties listed by me at the right price sell fastest and put the most money into my sellers’ pockets. Under–pricing, isn’t common, but can cost you money you really need to move on in life. Over–pricing is a really bad practice that can keep a property on the market longer than necessary and end up with price reductions.


 preparation.png How I Prepare Your Property To Sell 

1. Preview and Consultation

Our consultative process is one which focuses on evaluating your unique and individual needs and then work to provide intelligent solutions. When I consult with my clients or perspective clients, I offer quality and unemotional advice that is not driven by a commission.

My services can help you to properly evaluate just about any real estate predicament such as;

  • Is this the right time to sell?
  • What should I really ask for my property and what price do you think it will sell for?
  • What do I need to do to my home to get it ready for sale?
  • Once I sell – should I rent or buy?
  • What is the best way to market my home?
  • What closing costs should I expect to pay when I sell?
  • Help!  I’m underwater on my mortgage – what are my options?
  • My home has been on the market and is not getting the attention I think it needs – what should I do?
  • I had an inspection done, what next?
  • Should I have my home appraised before I put it on the market?
  • To stage or not to stage – that is the question.
  • I have some photos of my home – how do they look?

This is a partnership. We work together to reach a desired objective, and we are clear about our path before we go to market.

2. Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape

I offer the tools needed to evaluate trends and understand key factors affecting the real estate market today and your success in it. My job is to interpret the market based on the facts at hand. A Realtor does not set the market.

The market analysis is one of the most important parts of any sales strategy. A good market analysis will enable you to lure buyers, sidestep pitfalls, and most importantly, attract offers.

3. Home Maintenance and Repairs

Repairs and corrective actions are required when things break or cease to function as intended. Sometimes the repair is of an emergency nature, such as a heating or air conditioning malfunction, while at other times simple repairs can be scheduled and done efficiently in order to avoid discovery during a Buyers Inspection of your property while in Escrow.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to make the necessary repairs and to provide for the regular maintenance of items which may impact a sale. As your Listing Agent I will share how to best address this with you.

4. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is attractiveness of the exterior of a residential property, as viewed from the street. The term was extensively used during the housing boom and continues to be used as an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.

As your Listing Agent I will help you with identifying the most prevalent and cost effective ways in which to give your home a selling advantage.

5. Home Staging

If you want potential buyers to choose your property over that of the competition, home staging, the act of making a home look visually appealing to buyers, can make your home stand out from the masses.

Buyers often have a difficult time envisioning how a property can be used by them. However, when they see a house that’s been staged (de-cluttered, painted, re-arranged, furnished etc.) they perceive a much stronger value, which often translates in to a higher selling price.

6. Pricing Strategy

In establishing the listing price for your home, we need to strike a    delicate balance between a figure that will scare off potential buyers and    a low price that doesn’t represent your home’s worth. Buyers will compare your home’s price with other similar properties on the market.

Therefore, you should use a comparative market analysis (CMA) to assess what consumers are paying for similar homes. CMA’s also include information about area homes that failed to sell in recent months along with their corresponding list prices. My job is in assisting you in obtaining and analyzing this data, as well as other relative actual and statistical information.

Bottom line: PRICE is the extenuating factor in todays marketplace.


How I Market Your Property To Sell

1. Attract as many qualified Buyers and Buyers Agents as possible to your home until sold.

2. Communicate to you weekly, the results of our activities, market updates and trends.

3. Provide professional photography which fully articulates the property’s value visually and which will be utilized with specific property editorial in marketing efforts.

4. Submit your home to our Local, Regional and California Association of Realtors MLS.

How Does The Local and Global MLS Benefit You?

  • MLS Connection: ListHub connects to our MLS system where your data is entered locally.
  • Accuracy: ListHub pulls the most up-to-date listing information from our local MLS input and distributes accurately to more than 900 public website feeds.
  • Automation: As your listing is modified or updated, ListHub distributes the new information automatically, ensuring that my sellers online marketing is ACCURATE!

5. Promote your home throughout the Windermere Global Listing System , via ListHub, allowing you to reach over 60 million buyers and investors across a vast network of over 60 publishers in more than 40 countries, with key coverage in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Real Estate Listed Locally And Marketed Globally.

  • Strong Growth Trends: International home sales in the U.S. reached their highest level in recent years
  • Profitability for Sellers: The current total International market is estimated in excess of $92 billion.
  • Opportunity for Sellers: Over 7% of the total market and in some markets up to 30%!

6. Include your listing in the national MLS database “FIND” providing all National Association Realtors access to your property through their local area MLS boards.

7. Price your home and property competitively to open the market vs. narrowing the market.

8. Develop a list of property features/benefits for MLS inclusion.

9. E-Blast property flyers to all licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents in our MLS, including select key feeder markets to Coachella Valley.

10. Advise you on any market changes which may make your home more saleable.

11. Prospect potential buyers Agents and Brokers for your home, including those in important Coachella Valley feeder markets, both nationally and internationally.

12. Contact during the first (7) days our buyer leads, center of influence and past clients for their referrals and prospective leads.

13. Hold “Brokers Open” within the first three weeks of listing and promote in advance. Continually invite Broker offices to tour the home and properties as part of their scheduled market tours.

14. Create and publish a custom branded slideshow tour of your home with data and photos pulled directly from the MLS.

15. Create and upload a unique YouTube Listing Video set to audio with listing data and photos pulled from the MLS.

16. Add additional exposure through professional signage and property security lock-box if applicable.

17. Create custom in-home and outside signage flyers for use in prospecting efforts with Buyers, Buyers Agents and Brokers.

18. Follow-up on all leads and showings in a timely manner and work those leads as required.

19. Represent you on all offers to assist in negotiating the best possible pricing and terms. Coordinate all follow-up upon contract being accepted, and work every detail until payment is delivered at closing.




How I Coordinate The Sales Process Including; Escrow, Inspections, Appraisal, Disclosures, Repairs, etc. 

Price negotiations are only the beginning. Once a contract is in place, there are documents, disclosures and inspections to get past. Any of these items can result in further negotiations and can make or break a deal.

By nature I am extremely analytical and am always on task to ensure that you achieve the results we set out in advance of listing your home for sale. Every day can be tedious and strategic until which time as we close and record the transaction.

Supplemental to my skills are those of a highly trained Real Estate Transaction Coordinator. This person assists me in the processing of the real estate file. Gathering all information, paperwork, and following up on contractual items.


 Houses-For_-Sale-Seattle-Escrow-Chart.gif Closing Of Escrow

Dozens of detailed tasks, document deliveries, deadlines, inspections and mortgage details are all in store between a price agreement, contract and a closing. I’m on every one of them and will keep your transaction organized and moving.


  Recording Of Sale

The bottom line is a check at closing through the due-diligence and competence of your “Listing Agent.”